Sunday, July 31, 2011


We are all home again. I will post more in the coming days about our last month and the trip home, but for now I just want to capture my thoughts before they are gone.

It is surreal to be here again. I did not realize how fully steeped we were in georgian life. The things that bewilder me: toilet seat covers and bathmats. Decorative plants. Light switches at the entrances to every room. Central AC. Kitchen appliances. Junk mail.

The other thing that is weird is how our former life is all right here, like we never left. We are changed forever by the last five months, but did anyone really notice we were even gone?

All three kids are asleep. The luggage all made it home too. I never want to smell airport air again. I never want to see another suitcase again. Though I do have to unload I guess I still have to look at them once more. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to dry my tears of sheer relief that it is DONE and go to bed.

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Location:Gilbert, AZ


  1. You are supermom! You look fantastic. Funny, you have been through SO much, experienced so much, everyone around here has just experienced swimming, heat and swimming, with the occasional movie or small trip sprinkled in. Yep, it is funny how you hide all that life experience inside the same skin! I have no clue what it would've been like to do what you just did.

  2. ...but I am SURE glad you are back!