Saturday, July 31, 2010

day #4

it's sinking in.

i've realized that the hardest part for me is not staying down (although that is really a lot harder than you think it would be). the real kicker is that i can't go anywhere. not to pick tomatoes in the garden. not to get school supplies for my little first grader. not to go to the water park or a museum or a movie or camping or any of those fun things i was planning to do with our last few days left of summer vacation.

but there's not much i can do about that, is there? so i've been making lists of things i CAN do, and i'm feeling a little better. 

here's a sampling of what i've been doing in the meantime:

hours spent on facebook and the rest of the internet: i don't even want to know. going to limit that from now on. apparently you can get sick of it.

spontaneous bursting into tears: 3 times so far today. but i don't know that there's much i can do about that.

movies watched:2
blood diamonds (we have clear play and we love it)
treasure planet (perrin movie night with the kids)

lest it seem like i haven't been watching much tv, i should also probably count the tv shows in here...sytycd, america's got talent, and a handful of community reruns have kept us entertained as well.

books read: 2
lord of the flies
parenting with love and logic. unfortunately there's no section on how to parent effectively from your bed in the other room...

ding dongs eaten: 4
hey. you gotta have something to look forward to. i'm actually surprised at how much i really don't feel like eating. maybe it's because i'm out of the kitchen?

lego battles with 3 yr old: approx 25. he makes the guys and brings them to me to play together.

times mr. mom has had to get me water, get the kids what they need, break up lego-induced fights, clean the kitchen, cook dinner and put kids to bed: about a million. and it's only been 4 days. i couldn't do this without him. what a guy.

today i am cleaning out and organizing our files.  it's been good to be busy doing something productive.  maybe i'll even figure out how to access my photos on my mac via this laptop so i can post some pictures to spice the blog up a little.  it's been a rough few days, but we are going to make the best of it. stay tuned for more exciting couchside adventures! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010


what every mom wants, at least until you get stuck with it.

it was so not in my plans to be put on bedrest this week.

a bit of history:

my first baby was born at 35 weeks, out of the blue, after just a few hours of labor.
my second was born at 36 after 2 months of braxton hicks contractions.
this one is giving me lots of contractions, a positive fetal fibronectin test, and other issues that landed me in bed.

the dr's office is giving no information except-- lie down and take your pills, dear.
not impressed. but there's not much i can do about it.  i can't even get out of bed to go change to another doctor.  anyway. i'm going to be updating my blog a LOT more frequently, and maybe will even write a book too.

if i make i through this, it will be completely due to technology--facebook and blogs and my phone-- and my saint of a husband who will be doing everything while i lie here and watch.

hope to see you all around here a lot in the next couple months!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

do you cloth diaper? or know someone who does?

i always have plans to get caught up on the blog, but i think i will just summarize.  anyone who actually reads this knows what i've been up to anyway, right? this summer we have been to the movies, been swimming, been camping, and been to utah. oh and i just got back from girls camp.  still catching up on sleep.  busy busy busy and lots of fun.

 right now i'm in the middle of getting a 1st grader ready for school, potty training the 3 yr old, and surviving the last 3 months of pregnancy.  (maybe 2 months? hoping that this one will be healthy and stay in long enough to get to come home with me, but since my body kicked the other 2 out at 8 months, it's entirely possible this one will come early too).

i'm planning on cloth diapering #3--because, yanno, what else will i have to do all day with 3 kids?  :-)  mostly i am tired of filling the garbage with poo bombs, sinking money into the trash can, and always running to the store for more diapers and wipes.   this could possibly be due to the fact that i have been buying diapers now for over 6 years. mmmm hmmmm.  i'm just done.

i'm interested in all kinds, but am most intrigued by soft wipeable covers that you can use with anything you want inside: cotton, fleece, bamboo or hemp inserts. seems like it offers lots of versatility and is pretty low cost.  check out this one i am thinking of buying. the owner of the site created best bottoms and they look really cool.  those and the flip are my current ideas of what i will try.  not sure what i will do for newborn though.

do you cloth diaper? i'd love to hear what other people are doing.