Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top ten reasons I'm happy to move to Baltimore

10. Honfest, the Kinetic Sculpture Parade, and other Baltimore eccentricities
9. The Baltimore aquarium
8. The Walters Art Museum
7. Bergers cookies
6. Vaccarro's eclairs as big as your head
5. DC adventures
5. Being able to see my brother's plays in DC
4. Being close to NYC and the rest of the east coast
3. Being back with some of my favorite friends in the world
2. Living in our own house
1. Knowing Paul has a REAL JOB! And knowing where we will be living for the next several years! Hooray for us!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy new year, y'all

Wow. I just realized I haven't posted since September . I guess that's what the holidays will do to you. Well I'm thinking about making a resolution to post like once a week or something. Just thinking about it. In the interest of catching up: we live in Utah. For now. Looking for a job for Paul as soon as he finishes The Dissertation. My kids are still noisy and destructive and I love them to pieces. I'm trying to run a photography business, start an etsy business, and write in my spare time. And, someone thought I was organized enough to be the secretary for the children's organization at church. Paul is still laughing over that one. I think I should probably go do something productive. Like pull all the tissues out of a box. Thanks for the idea, Jude!