Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top ten reasons I'm happy to move to Baltimore

10. Honfest, the Kinetic Sculpture Parade, and other Baltimore eccentricities
9. The Baltimore aquarium
8. The Walters Art Museum
7. Bergers cookies
6. Vaccarro's eclairs as big as your head
5. DC adventures
5. Being able to see my brother's plays in DC
4. Being close to NYC and the rest of the east coast
3. Being back with some of my favorite friends in the world
2. Living in our own house
1. Knowing Paul has a REAL JOB! And knowing where we will be living for the next several years! Hooray for us!

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  1. hey congrats!!! we'll not be too far from each other then....i've been dying to take the kids to DC - maybe we could swing in for a visit?? when do you move?

    good luck with it all!!

  2. Right....AND.....You're that much closer to Boston. So I totally expect guests of your variety to knock at my door at some point.

  3. Yea for you guys!! So happy there is a job on the horizon! :) When do you move?

  4. i'm starting to save my money now to come visit. you guys better come down to overton for a few days to visit, the weather is gorgeous right now!

    maybe we'll come up in the summer before you go??

  5. Congratulations! It'll be fun to have you guys east of the Mississippi again. :)

  6. So excited! Are you guys buying? In Baltimore?

  7. Oh, congrats!!! We (steve too) are thrilled for you, Paul and family. You guys are the best. We should get together before you move...when is that?