Monday, September 13, 2010

34 weeks 34 weeks 34 weeks

last week was the hardest week so far. i'm tired of everything, i hate the terbutaline i have to take to keep contractions away. i hate not being able to do anything for anyone else. and i felt like 33 weeks was so close, yet so far...every day was just interminable.

but now i'm 34 weeks!  hooray! still have to wait a bit more. in a week or 2 they will let me off bedrest (i think). my oldest was born at 35 weeks, so really, i could be done.  but we are shooting for 37. my goal is to take a baby home from the hospital with me...i have always had to leave before them. 

i'm trying to think of what will be the most valuable way to spend my last few days (weeks?) before having this baby. assuming i get to be off of bedrest for at least a little while before i have the baby, what do you moms of more than 2 kids suggest?

also, i just want to say how many little things there have been to be grateful for throughout this whole time.
  • lots of sweet moments with my little boy #2. 
  • boy #1 and boy #2 play together for extended periods of time--waaaaaaay better than 2 months ago when fighting commenced about every 5 minutes. 
  • i feel grateful to have a healthy pregnancy (although i am SO DONE) with no health problems for me or the baby.
  • the whole family is helping me keep the baby in until it's safe for him to come out, picking up everything i can't do. seeing them try to keep up makes me feel maybe i did do something all day long after all?
  • i LOVE being a mom. even more than before. with all the things i can't do, i still can and need to be there for them. there's no substitute for mom when it comes to bumped heads, growing pains at 1 am, and snuggle time.
  • we've already disrupted our normal routine. i'm optimistic that it is easing #2 through the transition time: he's already used to mommy not being able to get up and help him all the time, and it's not because of a baby taking his place (at least not one that he can see).
  • my husband has potty trained our child (!)
  • neighbors and friends are feeding my family. 
  • i have some really amazing friends who have brought me slushies, given me little ways to still be involved and helpful, and let me talk their ears off for hours at a time. 
  • hubby and i have lengthy conversations about anything and everything all the time. i love having all this time together. 
  • even though my brain is pretty much mush at this point, i do feel like i can see my priorities and goals more clearly. let's just see if that will last through the newborn no-sleep zombie phase :-) 
  • just have to give a shout out for technology and online shopping. i'm pretty well set with everything for baby.  unfortunately i have my credit card # memorized by now...

Monday, September 6, 2010


i think i might be addicted. i have made 4 baby hats, 3 pair of baby shorts, one pair of baby long pants, 3 diaper covers, and a baby sweater.  it seems to be the only that keeps me occupied.  the medication i take to stop the contractions makes me shaky and jittery and gives me a headache, so i can't really concentrate on reading. but i can watch documentaries and listen to podcasts and knitting keeps me from feeling so jittery yucky. 

next up: socks (ack! i've been avoiding learning how to knit socks for years) and maybe some cute mommy headbands for after baby comes, when doing my hair goes to the bottom of the to-do list.

i would take pictures, but...the camera is on the other side of the house...maybe i will post a pic later.